Presentation of partner B3D, Biotronics3D Limited

Dec 9, 2022 | Newsletter #4

Biotronics3D was established in 2004 in London, opened an R&D Centre in Cambridge in 2009, opened a Central European Operations office in Bucharest in  2014, and established its Innovation Centre in Edinburgh during 2017. Biotronics3D recently integrated the OpenRad group with the mission to revolutionise healthcare by delivering an open diagnostic network.
B3D develops and commercialises innovative cloud-based medical image platform (PACS/Advanced Viewer/RIS/Tele-radiology/Patient portal/Referrer Portal) with advanced visualisation, analysis and reporting tools for the diagnostic imaging industry. B3D provides cutting edge software technologies to improve healthcare by better extracting diagnostic data and transforming it into usable information available at the point-of-care. By applying a novel and innovative technology and business model to an old market, the company achieved fast market growth in the UK and Europe, and is developing Middle East and US markets. The main product, 3Dnet (, a zero-footprint cloud-based Medical Imaging solution for the management, transfer, storage, distribution, collaboration, visualisation, analysis and reporting of DICOM images from all modalities, has received CE mark for medical device class IIa on 2010 under EU MDD and completed the transition to EU MDR on 2020. 3Dnet is being used by +50,000 users and managing a few petabytes of medical imaging data, across a cluster of datacentres.
3Dnet not only provides a unique solution based on a Software-as-a-Service model, but it is also a development platform for external innovators to integrate
their specific processing tools and products into 3Dnet market place.
B3D team have large expertise in medical imaging systems, cloud and web technologies, computer graphics, scientific visualisation, advanced image
processing, development and integration of AI/ML modules, and especially advanced medical visualisation. B3D team have huge experience in translating healthcare users’ requirements and clinical workflows into specifications and product functionalities. B3D team have deep knowledge of GDPR and data
security and protection. B3D operates under a certified EN ISO 13485:2016 QMS for medical devices and implements the regulatory medical devices’
standards through the complete product life cycle.