Presentation of partner QUIBIM, QUantitative Imaging Biomarkers In Medicine

Jul 7, 2022 | Newsletter #3

Quibim is the go-to imaging partner bringing virtual biopsies to diagnostics and drug discovery. By following an AI-first approach to help detect pathologies and predict outcomes in oncology/immunotherapy, rheumatology and neurology. The company is specialized in tissue profiling at every body part and imaging modality, Quibim develops novel quantitative imaging biomarkers to deeply analyze disease mechanisms, advancing in drug discovery and monitoring treatment progress.

Using the power and promise of quantified imaging data and AI, Quibim makes precision medicine a reality. The company is made up of a team of professionals such as biomedical engineers and medical doctors with wide experience and recognized scientific career in the field of medical imaging to further develop the technical activities of ProCAncer-I providing the appropriate annotation and segmentation tools for Prostate MRI data. Related to legislative and regulatory framework for the developed models, as well as exploitation and sustainability approaches, Quibim is supported by their cross-cutting and multidisciplary team with deep knowledge in Quality, Regulatory Affairs, Innovation and Legislation.