Presentation of partner Hacettepe University – Department of Radiology

Jul 7, 2022 | Newsletter #3

The Radiology Department of the Hacettepe University is located in Ankara, Turkey. With decades of experience, all radiologic imaging  procedures as well as interventional radiology services in scope of modern medicine are performed by the experienced and specialized staff, particularly the academic staff and instructors of Hacettepe University Faculty of Medicine Department of Radiology.

The team members involved in the ProCAncer-I project, are academic staff of abdominal radiology section. The department is dealing with prostate imaging for the last 30 years. The non-vascular interventional section performs all types of prostate biopsies including MRI/TRUS fusion biopsy. The role in the ProCAncer –I project is to collect retrospective and prospective data. The personnel involved are : Deniz Akata, MD (PI), Mustafa N. Özmen, MD, Musturay Karcaaltıncaba, MD, Ali Devrim Karaosmanoğlu, MD