ProCAncer-I at the ESUR 2022 in Athens

Published on: October 21, 2022
Categories: News

Our partner ADVANTIS organised a workshop with the title “Re-discovering prostate MRI processing” within the 28th Annual Meeting of the ESUR (ESUR 2022) in Athens (13-16 October 2022). The fully-booked workshop ‘Re-discover prostate MRI processing’ started with an introductory lecture and then a hands-on workshop followed.
Through the introductory prostate MRI lecture, the participants had the chance to enhance their skill set in order to face questions and pitfalls related to prostate cancer diagnosis and monitoring. Through the hands-on workshop, they learnt how to interpret and report a multiparametric prostate MRI exam in a time-efficient and accurate manner.



European Cancer Imaging Initiative launch event

European Cancer Imaging Initiative launch event

The Commission is organising a hybrid event on 23 January 2023 in Brussels to mark the launch of the Cancer Imaging Initiative, one of the Flagship Initiatives of the Europe’s Beating Cancer Plan. This 2.5-hour event will present the policy background and the Cancer...

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