Data sharing for a good cause – How the Data Governance Act (DGA) will help ProCAncer- I

Published on: May 28, 2022
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The European Union is actively working on improving the digital environment for the benefit of all Europeans. Professor Tsiknakis took part in a recent feature in the EU Council site on how the EU protects users online, ensures cybersecurity and facilitates the exchange of information between EU member states’ e-justice systems.

Professor Tsiknakis is the coordinator of the research project ProCAncer-I.

A team of 20 partners from all over the EU and from the USA and Turkey – is working on building an AI-powered platform that will help identify prostate cancer earlier and with greater accuracy.

By comparing images of cancer tissues and the test results of over 17 000 patients, the algorithm looks for cases presenting the highest probability of the disease. The project would advance much faster if they had better and easier access to historical medical data, which remains difficult.

This is about to change. The new data governance act  promotes data availability in the EU and regulates the use of data for= for research purposes and innovation.

In May 2022, the Council adopted the Data Governance Act. This new EU legislation will make access to data easier while respecting personal privacy. It will:

  • make it easier for researchers and businesses to get access to and use certain types of data which are held by public organisations
  • encourage the establishment of new players in the data economy whose role will be to facilitate data sharing between businesses
  • make it easier for individuals and businesses to share their data for common good (i.e. research projects)


Read more about the changes regarding data and digital technologies in the EU here: 


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ProCAncer-I in the IEEE-MeMeA Conference in Taormina

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Use Cases mapped along the prostate cancer management continuum

Use Cases mapped along the prostate cancer management continuum

Nowadays, prostate cancer is highly curable if detected in its early stages. Indeed, when organ-confined at diagnosis, the five-year survival rate of prostate cancer is close to 100%. Unfortunately, current prostate cancer diagnostic pipeline has several limitations. Prostate specific antigen (PSA) has a low sensitivity and specificity.

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