Presentation of partner ADVANTIS Medical Imaging

Jul 5, 2023 | Newsletter #5

Established in 2016, Advantis Medical Imaging makes advanced medical imaging more accessible, user-friendly and data-driven by merging it with cloud technology. By providing AI-driven, reliable and automated MRI software solutions, Advantis is on a mission to alleviate the growing workload of radiology departments. The company has introduced an FDA cleared medical imaging software suite for the analysis of brain and prostate MRIs, Advantis Platform.
Advantis’ team is composed of experienced researchers, software engineers, quality professionals, business and marketing specialists and medical imaging experts. In ProCAncer-I Advantis leads the tasks related to ‘Sharing and Curation Tools’ and ‘Exploitation and Business Planning’. The company also participates in tasks related to AI model development, regulatory compliance strategy and further sustainability of the project. The team will continue striving for excellence for the ProCAncer-I Project in all areas.