ProCAncer-I in the Health IT Conference

Published on: June 19, 2021
Categories: News

Dr. Nickolas Papanikolaou, participated in the Health IT Conference, that was held online (15&16 June 2021). The main objectιve of the conference was “Health Informatics in the Covid-19 period“, a strategic dialogue for the real upgrade of Information in Health.

Dr. Papanikolaou presented ProCancer-I project in the section Greece’s presence in Εuropean digital innovation actions. 

The aim of the Conference was the digital transformation of the country. An emphasis was given on issues such as pandemic management through digital tools and applications, e-government in the National Health System and interoperability between public and private health service providers. Citizens’ mobile health services, telemedicine, big health data, artificial intelligence in health etc., were also discussed in the e-Health Strategy.






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