Introducing FUTURE-AI: Best practices for trustworthy AI in medical imaging

Published on: February 16, 2022
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ProCAncer -I Project is part of the five H2020 projects that share the same vision, principles and challenges. These projects are funded under the same Action Line: AI for Health Imaging (Call: H2020-SC1-FA-DTS-2019-1): CHAIMELEON (, EuCanImage (, INCISIVE ( and PRIMAGE ( We believe that AI in medical imaging will achieve its full potential only once it has gained the trust of clinicians, patients, and policymakers, so we have established the FUTURE – AI initiative.

Taking part in the FUTURE – AI initiative will help build the trust among all interested parties. What is FUTURE-AI? It is an international, multi-stakeholder initiative for defining and maintaining concrete guidelines that will facilitate the design, development, validation and deployment of trustworthy AI solutions in medical imaging based on six guiding principles: Fairness, Universality, Traceability, Usability, Robustness and Explainability.

The FUTURE-AI assessment checklist consists of concrete and actionable questions that will guide developers, evaluators and other stakeholders in delivering imaging AI tools that are trustworthy and optimised for real-world practice. Each element of the FUTURE-AI checklist is provided with examples to illustrate potential mitigation measures for minimising the risks of imaging AI algorithms based on the FUTURE-AI guiding principles. While not all questions of the FUTURE-AI checklist are applicable in every application and scenario, we encourage the AI teams to build on as many elements as possible to produce imaging AI algorithms with solid foundations towards their trustworthiness and adoption.

The initiative has the potential to provide long-term foundations for regulators to build on in the future. What does this mean? It means that organizations, regulators, individuals, governments and healthcare organizations will have a reliable source of tools that are trustworthy and optimised regarding health imaging AI tools, and alongside improve the healthcare for all people around the world





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