D5.1 Retrospective Data Retrieval and upload

Dec 7, 2022 | Deliverables

This deliverable describes the process performed to retrieve Retrospective Data and upload them
to the ProCAncer-I platform, as it is defined in the relevant task 5.1 of the DoA. In more detail,
the task 5.1 states that Retrospective examinations that fulfill inclusion criteria to the study will
be mined from the local PACS systems of each clinical partner including clinical information that
should accompany each imaging study (i.e. PSA, Gleason score, and others).
The latter will be uploaded after local dual anonymization using black listing and white listing
methodology to the cloud-based ProCAncer-I platform to be used for developing the Master
models. All clinical information will be inserted into the platform through secure access by each
clinical partner.
The present Deliverable reports on the development of the ProCAncer-I eCRF – Data Upload Tool
that was developed to ease the data uploading process and to support ProCAncer-I clinical
partners in the process of compiling the required imaging and clinical information and following
the defined protocols for uploading data to the project’s cloud repository. The tool integrates
with the CTP anonymization tool and with the ProCAncer-I repository services such as
authentication, DICOM upload API, and eCRF upload API, enabling the anonymization and upload
of data using methods that comply with privacy and security requirements.
The Deliverable also reports on all supporting tools and processes established aimed at assisting
the Data Providers as much as possible, to quickly resolve any potential issues that arise during
the uploading procedure.


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