D3.2 1st Dissemination and Communication Activities Report

Apr 6, 2022 | Deliverables

The deliverable describes all Communication and Dissemination activities that have taken place since the beginning of the project, and mainly after the submission of the Communication Roadmap. Scope of the activities is to maximize the impact and the awareness of the project. All tasks have involved the whole consortium to ensure their buy-in. The 1st  Dissemination and Communication Activities Report builds mostly upon all the activities that have taken place since the beginning of the project. The deliverable will be updated every one and a half year, along with the reporting period of the project. The report presents a detailed overview of the dissemination activities during M1-18 for the ProCAncer-I project. It includes the objectives of the activities, target groups, promotional tools and material, and visual identity among other strategies. All tools are being used to raise worldwide awareness and principally act as the brand guidelines of the project. Also, the deliverable reports all the actions that have been concluded up to M18 for the dissemination of the project.  


AI tool accurately predicts tumour regrowth in cancer patients https://www.theguardian.com/society/2022/apr/23/cancer-ai-tool-predicts-tumour-regrowth?CMP=share_btn_tw

Our statement "Considerations for artificial intelligence clinical impact in oncologic imaging: an AI4HI position paper" is out! @primage_project @EuCanImage @chaimeleon_eu @ProCAncer_I

May is #National_Cancer_Research_Month! Thanks to the spectacular advances made by researchers, more people are living longer and with a good quality of life.
A big thank you to the people who make it happen!
#H2020 #healthIT #AI #Cancer #EU_HEALTH #NCRM22 #ResearchSavesLives

Hoy hemos realizado la 1a biopsia robótica de próstata dirigida en RM de la nueva @ClinicaGirona. Unico centro en #Espana en realizar este procedimiento preciso, rápido, no invasivo y seguro para detectar el #cáncerdepróstata, habiéndo realizado +100
@SERAM_RX @sediabdomen

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